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A brief pause from fashion: KONY 2012



  • EDIT: KONY 2012 has faced lots of criticism in a very small amount of time. I believe their efforts are genuine and are an effort of progress. Jason Russell’s meltdown is not fully excused but he is human and under a lot of pressure. I feel for him and hope this will not sabotage his future or the future of Invisible Children. (3/17/12)


Yes this is no new subject. The war and Joseph Kony in Uganda has been going on for years but that doesn’t mean now is too late to stop him. Many people may call this hopping on the “bandwagon” but I support KONY 2012 and all the efforts of the people from Invisible Children.

Take a second look at KONY 2012 here 
And Invisible Children’s response here

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